Friday, December 3, 2010

Running Together...

...that's what my days seem to be doing lately! Here I am sitting in my pj's on this beautiful Friday morning, and I almost can't remember what happened on Monday..4 days ago!!! And we are rapidly approaching Christmas, and then the end of 2010!! Seriously, where did the time go?!?
I haven't had a spectacularly busy year, but it has certainly flown by! When I think in terms of my children's birthdays, it makes it even worse! People, Saeler will be 5 years old in April!!! Yikes!! I tell her at least once a week that she can't get any older, to which she replies, "But mommy, I want to grow up and be a mommy!" which I reply (under my breath), "hopefully that won't be for another 20 years!". And the thought of her being 5 years old, only reminds me that I've also aged 5 the last 5 years! Ha!! So, when she was in my belly I was a young 26 years I'm, can do the math! I don't in any way feel like I've aged 5 years, but I do hope that I've matured. :) And Axylle just turned 1 in October, but it felt like her first year passed in a blink! Why does time seem to go by so much faster when you have kids?
It may sound as though I'd like to slow things down, but I have to admit that I'm pretty happy about the way my life is happening right now! I was telling Aaron the other day, that I've never felt more comfortable in my own skin than I do right now...and that's a great feeling! I have a wonderfully awesome husband, two beautiful, happy daughters, amazing friends that "get" me...this list could go on and on. But really, I can't say enough how blessed I am! I realize, now more than ever, that life is a vapor, and so I'm just enjoying and making the most of every moment!
Happy Friday people!


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